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666If nothing else you will find my writing is not boring!-J.F.M.-

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  • monk
    Oct 23, 2011
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      If nothing else you will find my writing is not boring!

      Let me give you one of my Hitchcockisms! I'm sure you all remember that obscure question; What came first the chicken or the egg?
      Let me get back to you on how Alfred Hitchcock may have answered that question later!
      A concept for a writing exercise! I have always found that crossing the vortex of time and turbulence in writing requires a great imagination. That's why I ask myself the famous what if question!

      What if the South won the Civil War? Or What if Satan walked among us what would he look like? Maybe a student with a Rifle at Virginia State College!

      I believe that submissions of what if questions make for excellent self starters. A muse in writing just a thought on my part!

      Now back to the answer of the chicken and the egg question!

      When asked this question, I can imagine Hitchcock's response to be that Charles Darwin stating that species of plants and animals develop through natural selection of variations that increase the organism's ability to survive and reproduce!

      Tell me you didn't expect a simple answer to such a complicated question now did you? All life the evolution the origin of species is from the slime of the oceans.
      Another Hitchcockisms! Speaking of Slime and now a word from our sponsor!