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  • RussellHltn
    ... putting in the username Administrator and connecting it too the network.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 29, 2005
      >>> I have to keep getting on the XP computer and finding the server and putting in the username "Administrator" and connecting it too the network.  <<<
      It sounds like you don't have the file sharing set up to work using the patron's own ID/password.  You need to set up the patron account on each computer with the same password.  Then make sure you're using a share that gives that user permission to use.  Do not use shares such as "c$" as only administrators can do that.  That should allow the patron to connect and you won't need to use a administrator login to get in.
      >>>  One of the XP computers is also used for our DSL/Internet connection. We have trouble keeping the link between the Win 2000 computers and XP computer for the Internet also.  <<<
      It sounds like you're using internet sharing.  Since you are using broadband, you need to be using a Cisco PIX provided by the church to provide the church mandated internet filtering.  The all computers connect via the network, not though a single computer.  If you've got a DSL modem that only has USB connection, then I'd suggest bugging the service provider for a different modem with a network connection.
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