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Re: [fhctech] Digest 1312 - FHC OS Licenses and HQ Support Contacts

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  • Raymond Cheatham
    Hello everyone! I try to read the digest when I can but am rarely able to participate due to workload. I d like to offer some help on the issue of OS licenses
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2 3:44 PM
      Hello everyone!  I try to read the digest when I can but am rarely able to participate due to workload. 
      I'd like to offer some help on the issue of OS licenses for FHCs.  There have been some changes over the last year or so as to how to get OS licenses for Church computers.  And yes it is true Gayle and the others in Local Unit Support Team of the Information and Communication Systems Department (ICS) are going away in a matter of days.  They are being reassigned within the department and thier responsibilities are being divided amongst several areas and departments. 
      FHC directors or assistant stake clerks responsible for FHC computers can contact the Family & Church History Department (FCH), specifically the FHC Support Team of the Worldwide Support Services Division in SLC at 800-346-6044 to request a OS licenses for FHC computers.  Be prepared to provide the FHC Unit Number, FHC Name, # of licenses needed, and the address where you would like it mailed.   The disk and some basic documentation will then be mailed to you.
      Currently only Windows 98SE and 2000 are authorized for FHC use.  Win 2000 is strongly encouraged where technically possible. 
      I share a cubicle wall with Jay Thornton and although Jay would be happy to forward your OS request to those who can fill it, it would be best to call FHC Support.  So to help try to clear up any other possible confusion, here is a overview of some of the teams to contact for technical support at Church Headquarters.
      FCH FamilySearch Support (TempleReady, FamilySearch, PRF, Inventory Manager, etc.):  800-346-6044
      FCH PAF Support (Personal Ancestral File):  800-346-6044
      FCH Family History Center Support (Policy/Procedure):  800-346-6044
      The FCH support teams share the same toll free number.  Just ask the missionary answering the phone to direct your call to the team that you need.  These teams are part of are tiered support system so there is a possiblity that your question might be escalated to another team not mentioned above if your question cannot be immediately answered.
      Jason, we are trying to finalize some details on restructured support for the Church servers in Regional FHCs.  We will let you know soon further details on this. There is a meeting next week between ICS and FCH.  We should have some answers then
      The ICS Global Help Desk helps with FHC Internet Hardware, i.e. Cisco PIX 501.  The number is 866-678-2763.  This team is especially helpful to those locations where Internet has been installed by ICS contractors this year.
      As for clerk office computers including OS and MLS issues, I believe that you should contact the Membership and Statistical Records Department at 800-453-3860 x23500.
      I hope that this information helps.  Thanks to all of you for the technical assitance you provide each other.
      Ray Cheatham
      Family History Infrastructure
      WSS Division, FCH Department


      Message: 6        
         Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 17:44:41 -1000
         From: "John Vilburn" <john@...>
      Subject: Windows 2000 license from SLC

      I am helping the Waimea, Hawaii FHC with some computer setup. I understand
      that for FHC computers I can get a Win 2K license and/or CD from Salt Lake.
      Who do I contact for this?
      I am also concerned that perhaps the computer we are looking to upgrade may
      not handle Win 2K very well. It is currently running Win 95. If I remember
      correctly it is a Pentium Pro with 64 MB. I don't know what speed.



      Message: 13       
         Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 07:14:46 -0600
         From: "Dana Repouille" <drepouille@...>
      Subject: RE: Windows 2000 license from SLC

      > and asking for "local computer support".

      Gayle and Susan are going out of business. I forget whether Local Unit
      Support is already gone, or soon will be gone. For clerk issues, you call
      Clerk Support, for FHC issues call the 6044 number, and for FHC tech issues
      call the Global Support people.

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         Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 21:17:10 -0700
         From: mendjaso@...
      Subject: Re: Windows 2000 license from SLC

      You cant contact Jay Thornton at churchheadquater he can get you the install cd with the licenses you need.



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