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RE: [fhctech] Internet access trouble

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  • Russell Houlton
    ... network than DHCP.
    Message 1 of 31 , Jul 1 2:05 AM
      >>> In my experience static IP addresses are easier to make work in a small
      network than DHCP. <<<

      I do not disagree, but as the saying goes when all else fails, follow
      directions. At least one of the things I quoted from the help file
      mentioned explicitly not to use static IPs.

      It seems to be tied up in the way the Internet Connection Share operates.
      Apparently the machine doing the sharing needs to be the DHCP. Probably
      connected with the NAT that's going on.

      >>> The Family History Department would probably be quite happy to ship a
      3COM LAN modem to you. I bet that would solve a lot of problems. <<<

      If what I suggested doesn't work, I think that would be the best move. I'd
      also check and see what the prospects are for getting broadband. As
      mentioned, 4 computers on one 56K modem is going to be SLOOOOOOOOW.
    • Russell Houlton
      ... ISP and another to access the internal LAN. If you assign a static IP to that computer, it can interfere with its ability to communicate with your ISP.
      Message 31 of 31 , Jul 3 1:40 PM

        >>>  This means that it has two different IP addresses, one to access the ISP and another to access the internal LAN.  If you assign a static IP to that computer, it can interfere with its ability to communicate with your ISP. <<<


        IP configurations are set for each network interface.  That shouldn’t be a problem.  What could be a problem it making sure the master machine knows to forward and NAT things between the two networks when you’ve assigned a static IP to the local network.



        >>> If this works, the problem is lost packets.  <<<


        Hmmm.  Interesting idea.  I know that some TCP/IP packets have a “time to live”.  If they can’t reach their destination by a certain time, they are thrown away.  This is to keep stray packets from bouncing around from place to place all over the internet like a homeless person trying to find a destination that may no longer exist.  But with 4 computers on a single dial-up modem, I wonder if some of those packets can’t make it though before they die because of the congestion on the on the single 56K line.

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