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Re: 1880 US Census installation on a network

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  • gaileyclandad1
    Thanks Merlin, for the response I am just down the street a bit from your dad s old place here. I have part of the FHRF working well, but as I was putting in
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 29, 2003
      Thanks Merlin, for the response I am just down the street a bit
      from your dad's old place here. I have part of the FHRF working
      well, but as I was putting in the 1880 census, I came across the
      part quoted in my initial message and that threw me. I do have the
      printout from Viewer 4.0 but forgot to mention it. So, I'm back at
      it tomorrow...Thanks!


      --- In fhctech@yahoogroups.com, Merlin R Kitchen <mkitchen@j...>
      > On the CD labeled Viewer 4.0 that comes with the US 1880 census is
      > folder named "support". Open up that folder and you will find a
      > labeled: "Network setup instructions.rtf" which will give you
      > instructions on how to install the 1880 census and what it will
      look like
      > on your hard drive. Follow those instructions explicitly and you
      will be
      > successful. You can do the same with the 1881 British and 1881
      > and also the Vital Records Indexes.
      > In essence, the census is done in geographical sections and in many
      > sections there are multiple CD's for that section. Every CD in
      > section contains identical files. So what you end up doing is
      > all of the first CD, then only the files that are different from
      > subsequent CD's. So what you end up with is a folder that is much
      > smaller in size than the sum of the individual CD's.
      > Pay particular attention to the part about "title.cd".
      > Once you have it working on a network and want to add another set
      to the
      > viewer, change the viewer CD DRIVE (in the registry) from Network
      back to
      > F: (or whatever your drive letter is) and then the viewer will
      let you
      > add the new set. Then change it back to NETWORK.
      > Merlin Kitchen
      > On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 23:03:38 -0000 "gaileyclandad1"
      > <gaileyclandad1@j...> writes:
      > > A little help please...
      > >
      > > According to the "Family History Resource Files" installation
      > > on the fhctech website: "The 1880 US Census Index (8.4 GB) can
      > > combined with the census data (13.8 GB) in a single subdirectory
      > > merging the information from their respective About and Standard
      > > folders." Would someone please expand on the process
      of "merging"
      > > the information. Is this simply copying all of the data from
      > > two National Index files and putting it in the respective Census
      > > files. I suspect that there may be more to it, pessimist that I
      > >
      > > Thanks!
      > >
      > > Dick
      > > (back home in Quartzsite after a year microfilming in S.C.)
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