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Re: [fhctech] Re: Lost drive Letter Msg

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  • stanley scribe
    Dear Phil, Thanks for your comments. I found the missing drive letter finally. The hard drive on this PC was double spaced and drive I: was the Host drive
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2000
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      Dear Phil,

         Thanks for your comments. I found the missing drive letter finally. The hard drive on this PC was double spaced and drive I: was the Host drive letter. Now, if anyone knows whether I can remount the drive to a different drive letter, let me know. I just want to map the IGI to drive I: to be consistant with the rest of the network, but will have use another letter if Drvspace isn't very accomodating.

      Vern Taylor, Stockton FHC Computer Specialist

        Phil Chandler <pctech@...> wrote:

      --- In fhctech@egroups.com, stanley scribe <stanleyscribe@y...> wrote:
      > To all Techs,
      >    Our proxy server gave me some messages and quit my access to the
      Internet after that last email and didn't include this message.
      >    I have a newly installed 486 PC on the network that has no drive
      letter I:.Short of reinstalling windows95 is there a way to find and
      restore it? I have checked system devices without finding it, and
      config.sys and autoexec.bat files are not being used to load any cd-
      rom drivers. Any ideas?
      > Vern Taylor
      > Stockton FHC Computer Specialist
      > ---------------------------------
      Windows 95 loves to hide cdrom drives.  If it is your cdrom drive
      that is missing in "My Computer".  You may want to check the

      1- As the computer boots check the system bios. You will need to make
      sure that the "IDE Controller" is set to "Both" or "Primary and
      Secondary". (You will have choices similar to those mentioned if the
      IDE controllers are on the motherboard.  Some x486 systems have an
      expansion card that controls the cdrom.)

      2- As the computer boots you will hear a Beep then it will load
         A- Right after the beep press "F8". 
         B- A menu will appear, choose "#3 Safe Mode" and press enter.
         C- Click OK when the Safe Mode dialog appears. 
         D- Once you are at the Windows desktop go to device manager and
      click on the "+" by cdrom drive.  Highlight the cdrom drive and click
      remove.  Repeat this step until the cdrom drive category is gone.
         E- Restart the computer from the Start Menu, Shutdown, select
      Restart, click OK.
         F- Windows will detect and load the virtual drivers for the

      3- If Windows does not detect and load the driver for your cdrom
      there are some other options before reinstalling Windows.  For
      example loading the cdrom drivers in config and autoexec or editing
      the registry.  Please let me know if this has anything to do with
      your question.

      Thank you,

      Phil Chandler
      Nampa,ID FHC Computer Specialist 

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