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Re: [fhctech] PAF 5.0 & 5.1

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  • Gary Templeman
    Also make sure you have the most current driver for your video card and mouse. Video drivers are notorious for creating these kinds of conflicts. Gary
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 31, 2001
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      Also make sure you have the most current driver for your video card and
      mouse. Video drivers are notorious for creating these kinds of

      Gary Templeman

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      Subject: Re: [fhctech] PAF 5.0 & 5.1

      > Dear Jaelene,
      > In cases like this there is no clear cut solution. I would start
      > and try to tune up your PC. If you have Norton Utilities, run Disk
      > and Speed Disk. With Microsoft, run Scan Disk on all your drive
      > then Defraf the C: drive. Then you might also try the Microsoft
      > site to obtain the most current updates for your system.
      > The problem seems to be a kind of system conflict. After doing all
      > former, you can also try unininstalling other programs that might be
      > causing the problem. This doesn't seem to be of a very high priorty if
      > have stopped all other programs from running when you have tested PAF
      > If you have anything else running like virus checker, Real Audio,
      > Alarm, etc., be sure to shut them down also. I expect you have done
      > That leaves a hardware problem a possibility. If you still have any
      > older memory installed on your PC, try removing it and use just the
      > sticks.
      > As a last resort, I used to reformat the hard disk, reinstall
      > then the program giving the problem, to see if it will work without
      > programs being installed. Then add the other programs one at a time
      > checking the PAF after each install to see if it still works.
      > All this takes a lot of time, but may be the only way to get it too
      > work. Please get some second opinions on this also.
      > Vern Taylor
      > --- ivan_starr <Ivan_Starr@...> wrote:
      > > I'm sorry for the delayed reply. I have already tried the install
      > > the
      > > PAF 5.0 CD sent from Salt Lake. I had the same result. It just locks
      > > the
      > > computer when trying to open the grey window (on top of the program
      > > picture
      > > window that first comes up whent the program is opened. I know that
      I am
      > > not
      > > the only one with this problem. I have since upgraded my computer
      > > to 128 and then to 256 K. It did not help.
      > >
      > > Jaelene Starr
      > >
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