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Re: Number of Networked Centers growing

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  • pcombes@mindspring.com
    Thanks Rick. Using Bob Rebo s outline I set up eight donated workstations from a Marriott Hotel with a Pentium 233 server I built, 10 base 2, and it works
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 17, 2000
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      Thanks Rick. Using Bob Rebo's outline I set up eight donated workstations
      from a Marriott Hotel with a Pentium 233 server I built, 10 base 2, and it
      works great. I was afraid I was underengineering it since funds were a
      factor, but like I said, it works great.

      I bumped the 486 workstations up to DX2-66 with 20 megs of ram, 420 meg hd's
      using 95B and have a 540 on the server running 98B and a 20gig and a 27gig
      for the data.

      If it would be of assistance I can write it up. I had some problems with
      Bob's setup cause I didn't understand some of it. Took a lot of trial and
      error to make up for my lack of experience with networking.

      Thanks for all you are doing. I just discovered all of you and it is an

      Pete Combes, Computer Flunky
      Charleston (SC) Stake
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      From: Rick Klemetson <klem@...>
      To: fhctech <fhctech@onelist.com>
      Date: Monday, January 17, 2000 11:35 AM
      Subject: [fhctech] Number of Networked Centers growing

      >From: Rick Klemetson <klem@...>
      >I thought I'd drop this note that there is a lot going on
      >behind the scenes that doesn't get sent out to the whole
      >list, which is just fine.
      >I just got a note from Kevin Owen in Meridian Idaho that he
      >is helping set up the Emmett FHC. I've had private emails
      >from Sandy, UT, Salem, UT and Saint George, UT.
      >I'm also working on the other family history centers in my
      >area to let them know of the possibilities. So if you can
      >do a little proselytizing, we can let more people know that
      >it is possible. Once they know then it is only a matter of
      >time before they find a way through the approval process.
      >I appreciate everyone's efforts.
      >Rick Klemetson
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