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Search engine that uses 4 different search engine, works differently than metacrawlers.

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  • James W Anderson
    I posted this to FHCNET, but wanted to crosspost so those on the tech side could use this surprisingly useful tool few know about. I found a search engine that
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2014
      I posted this to FHCNET, but wanted to crosspost so those on the tech side could use this surprisingly useful tool few know about.

      I found a search engine that most people don't know about, it works using the big four search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask, but unlike metacrawlers that merge all the results, it leave each engine separate based on your browser preferences, but filters the results for bad content.  Because of this filtering, far fewer bad sites ever will show up in search results using this search engine site than get through in the 'safe search' modes used by the four major search engines.

      The site is k9safesearch.com, and is run by the same people who bought the old Cerberian filter the Church used from 2001 to 2004 or so.  In 14 years, this filter has become the best filter out there, they've been able to get almost everything in that anyone would normally visit whether on purpose or by mistake, and everything that is appropriate is rated (no unrated sites save for very new sites) so if the search engine settings are set up right (if you don't want to use K9 Web Protection) you are able to use this and be very safe with searching.

      For FHCs, this is a big boon because you can set this up as a default, and with a minimum of explanation to a patron, they can use this engine's forte, the four search engines, without ever having to go to the four search engines individually.  Here's how to 'add to browser'.

      Go to http://www.k9safesearch.com/ and run a search.  Default is Google.

      After running the search, scroll down to the bottom, and you will see the four search engines as links.  Click on one to run the same search in another engine and you'll see slightly different results on less-common search terms, common ones will almost invariably be nearly exactly similar with maybe the order being different on one or two results.

      Just to the left and in the left corner are some other links.  Look for 'add to browser', and click on that.  A screen will show up next showing the instructions on how to set this up as your default search in that browser.  Follow those steps and you should be set for that browser. If you have more than one browser, many FHCs will have all three, open each browser, go to k9webprotection.com and run a search, then follow the steps in this paragraph for each one.

      Test by running a search in each of the four search engines it uses anyway, google.com, yahoo.com, bing.com, and ask.com, and be sure that the results show from k9safesearch.com and not the original search engine used.  By the way, the interface is cleaner when showing the results, keeping promoted ads and promoted links to a very bare minimum, like it used to be with search engines.

      Does a bad link ever show up?  It can happen, so they have a way of reporting such things right from the search engine results, can be useful if a trashy image shows up, they'll review it, usually fairly quickly, and pull the bad content from the results right away.  Some days this happens within minutes, over the weekend it may be anytime during that period, but usually no later than Sunday night United States time (they have a team in Asia that works during what is considered overnight here).

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