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Method for finding Tree families in Historical Records Collections

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  • MichaelR
    How can we create a process/service/system to help Church members discover new information on FamilySearch s Historical Records Collections for the ancestors
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      How can we create a process/service/system to help Church members discover new information on FamilySearch's Historical Records Collections for the ancestors on their part of the Tree?

      The idea is to have software analyze what is known about an ancestor on the Tree (dates and places of the ancestor and his nuclear family), match that with metadata known about the various Historical Records Collections to see which ones might yield data on the ancestor, do a search of the most appropriate historical records collections, and present the search results in priority order to the Church member for review along with a link to the ancestor on the Tree.

      I've been doing a piece of this using Ancestral Quest 14. I become a ward member's Helper and download 7 generations of her pedigree from the Tree. Then I run it through some search filters to find couples married in the U.S. between 1840 and 1931 who have one or fewer children. Then I search for those families in the census records in Historical Records Collections. It has been a successful way to find children of these couples who need temple work. It has been a wonderful way to engage ward members in family history research who have never done it before. They are thrilled at how easy it is to discover their ancestors online and want to continue after I walk them through the process. But right now, it takes me (an expert) to do all the filtering and searching, and so I'd love to automate some of my human processes in a kind of prototype test. Anybody want to help try to automate some of this and see what we can prototype?

      I'm an experience manager at FamilySearch, so if you want to help, I can probably get you access to a few things that you couldn't normally access. <hehe>

      -Mike Ritchey
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