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Regarding Systems Stuck in a non-Updating State

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  • ldmsguy
    Warning: I am often told that my emails contain too much technical content. So if you don t like technical content, feel free to skip reading this email. For
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2012

      Warning:  I am often told that my emails contain too much technical content.  So if you don't like technical content, feel free to skip reading this email.


      For official Family History Centers:


      Summary:  Sophos, when in a broken state, continues to cause problems on computers in many centers.  The FHC Admin Team has attempted to remediate the Sophos problems by deploying updates via LANDesk and Tivoli.  However, Sophos has blocked those tools from successfully running in some instances.  Below are instructions on how to get past this broken state.


      Details:  We have spent MANY hours troubleshooting systems for various issues, and have come up with the following recommendations if your systems are not updating correctly.  This includes the ability to update any of the software the FHC Admin Team deploys to your center systems, and various other products including, but not limited to, the following programs:

      ·         Sophos (yes, it broke itself)

      ·         LANDesk

      ·         Tivoli

      ·         FHC Services Portal files & configuration

      ·         FlashPlayer

      ·         Apple Software

      ·         Adobe Acrobat

      ·         Adobe Acrobat Reader

      ·         Java

      ·         FamilyInsight

      ·         AncestralQuest

      ·         QuickTime

      ·         And many more.



      1.       Login as administrator onto your computer system(s).

      2.       If your computer has Sophos installed:

      a.       If the Sophos shield icon no longer appears in your systray by the system clock, skip ahead to part c.  (We can assume that Sophos is broken).

      b.      Or, if there are files listed it Sophos' Quarantined Items list, follow the instructions in part c.

                                                                     i.      Add your administrator user account to the "SophosAdministrator" group:

      ·         Right click on your Computer icon, click Manage

      ·         Drill down into the "Local Users and Groups" section.

      ·         Drill into the "Groups" folder.

      ·         Double click on the "SophosAdministrator" group.

      ·         Click the Add button, and enter your admin account's username, then click OK twice.

                                                                   ii.      Open the "Sophos Endpoint Security and Control"

      ·         Start menu – Programs – Sophos – Sophos Endpoint Security and Control folder – Sophos Endpoint Security and Control shortcut.

                                                                  iii.      Check the "Items in Quarantine:" count.  If it is greater than 0, then do part c.


      c.       Download and run http://downloads.sophos.com/tools/FixIssues.exe.

                                                                     i.      This is a script created by Sophos to remediate the "false-positive" fiasco they caused by releasing a bogus virus definition update in September.

                                                                   ii.      For more information, look here: http://www.sophos.com/en-us/support/knowledgebase/118323.aspx

                                                                  iii.      Once it has finished running (and yes, it might take a good deal of time – 30 minutes), move to the next step.

      3.       Then reboot your system(s).

      a.       This will restart any of the potentially hung executables.

      b.      Assuming the Tivoli agent (the "BES Client" service) is running on your family history center computers, this will make it so your systems can receive updates again. 

      4.       Give your computers 90 - 120 minutes to receive all of the updates.  (Or more time if you update many computers at the same time because of the slow WAN link speed).


      I hope this is helpful to you.


      Lynn Shaw


      FHC Admin Team



      P.s. Richard Pendrey is going to put this into a knowledge document which he will make public once it has been edited and polished.  Thanks Richard!

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