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Re: [fhctech] Accessing new.familysearch.org - VERY SLOW - SOLVED!!!

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  • John M. Shaw
    Brethren, I would like to announce that we have found a resolution to this issue. Working with the GSD, and finally, someone that was technical enough to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2011

      I would like to announce that we have found a resolution to this issue.  Working with the GSD, and finally, someone that was technical enough to understand what I was talking about, we did some testing on an ASA5505.  He took out the filtering config that was built for the ASA, and put back in place the config that was used on the PIX.  My times to access new.familysearch.org went back to normal.  3-6 seconds to access the site rather than the 25 - 40 seconds it was taking.

      The Master ticket being worked is this  1569288

      Again, the Work around - and yes, this is only a work-around is to have the ASA5505 filtering altered to the previous PIX configuration.  This work around is applicable to ALL sites that are using the ASA5505 firewall.

      I have made attempts with the church to allow them to roll this out in a more manageable fashion, but it has fallen on deaf ears, so I present this to you.  If you're interested in providing a more pleasing experience for your end users that are behind the ASA5505 firewall, call the GSD, reference the above ticket number and have them change your ASA config as well.


      On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 10:06 PM, Jshawut <zionssuburb@...> wrote:

      I have a multiple family history center complaining about slowness when trying to access websites with the domain name familysearch.org - new, fhc, any of them are EXTREMELY slow, I mean... the web browsers TIME OUT it is sooooo slow. I've validated this at another FHC. Both are behind an ASA5505. The newer computers (dual core, 4 GB RAM) can take up to 25 seconds to launch. The older computers (still within spec for FHC) can take 1 minute, or they just time out and never complete.

      I can hit the same sites not at a FHC (McDonalds, free WIFI... work, home) and the sites are very quick and come up quickly...behind the firewall it totally slows down.....

      One family history center apparently just accepts this slowness and plugs along, but the other one calls the GSD, either at night or on weekends, and they are told by GSD to bypass the firewall. I put it back in place, and they take it out again. I've spent more than 100 hours troubleshooting this thing. I can duplicate the issue by taking the ASA5505 to my home and running 2 identical laptops, one behind the firewall and the other connected to my ISP The same thing happens, behind the firewall is slow, directly on my ISP is fast. I can replicate this issue everywhere I go....

      Is this the same experience everyone else is having? I keep having the GSD tell me I'm the only one calling in with this problem... have we just all accepted the slowness and no longer see it as an issue to be fixed.

      I finally got a ticket transferred to the group at the church that owns Websence... I'm hoping there is a config issue there, but it would help my sanity to know that others are experiencing the same thing.

      The ticket came back to me saying the firewall needed to have a firmware upgrade, which, to my understand is basically a blow-off. It means, I won't bother researching anything until you do this firewall upgrade... I'm in the buizz... I know how it works... But after the firmware upgrade, I'm still seeing 25 seconds to launch new.familysearch.org... this is insane.

      Last year, 2010, after the complaints of slowness, I did some research and found that many of our computers had been running with no refresh for years... I reimaged about 20 computers with the latest image, and validated that all have at least 1 GB ram, and most now have 2 GB. After upgrading, reimaging, we are still seeing this slowness, it is not the computers, it is the church connectivity. What can be done about it? Any advice would help.


      John Shaw

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