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  • Bill Henderson
    This is about a month old an there have been a bunch of answers to the various issues mentioned. But I ll throw me two cents in too.  A. Your scanner is a
    Message 1 of 13 , Apr 25, 2010
      This is about a month old an there have been a bunch of answers to the various issues mentioned. But I'll throw me two cents in too. 
      A. Your scanner is a SCSI device.  All SCSI devices must be turned on and operating before the PC is powered on.  The only time the PC looks for SCSI devices is during startup.
      B. Image Wizard is the problem with regard to printing on a HP1320 printer.  I believe Image Wizard has not been updated to recognized the 1320 drivers.  SLC support recommends that you use the Laserjet 5L drivers (a more generic set) between the Scanner and the HP1320.  All our FHC's PCs & Scanner are networked to HP P1505n (network) printers and we had to use the Laserjet 5L drivers too.  We still have the 1320 printer but it is relegated to the wireless (public) part of our FHC network.  Having only two models of printers simplifies stocking toner and other supplies.
      We recently requested and received replacement HP PCs for our FHC and will be returning the Dells sent out to us.  Reason: simplicity.  The fewer brands and models of hardware we have to maintain, the simpler our job becomes.  Fewer clone versions or rebuilds, less variety of support or supplies, etc.  I recommend that next time you seek something from SLC, that you call and ask specifically for the hardware you want.  They may be able provide it. Our P1505n printers were purchased locally. But we don't have LJ 5Ls, LJ1300s, or a host of other miscellaneous models and our PC collection will soon be down to HP dc7600s or D530s. 
      - Bill -

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      On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 4:51 PM, Dana A. Repouille <drepouille@hotmail. com> wrote:
      >>> On our Digital Imaging System (an Optiplex 740), I replaced the HP LaserJet 1300 with a LaserJet 1320, and downloaded fresh drivers for the 1320 from the HP web site. I can print from Windows just fine, but the Image Wizard somehow cannot. <<<
      The problems with Image Wizard are many.  It won't print to newer HP printers.  That's probably why it had a LJ 1300 driver.  I'm using a HP LJ 5 driver, what whatever works.
      >>>  I am pretty sure the problem is with the driver for the RATOC USB-to-SCSI adapter. It thinks it is installed properly, but refuses to tell Windows that there is a Canon MS300 scanner on the other end. <<<
      Not sure what that could be.  The OS sometimes won't see things unless they are there during boot-up.  Some SCSI controllers expect to see device 0 and 1 as hard drives and gets confused if they are not.  The other possibility is any setting for termination power.  The last thought is maybe they're the wrong drivers.  As you can tell, I'm just guessing on that one.

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