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Short summary of BYU Genealogy & FH Conf 28-31 Jul 2009

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  • Snow, Donald R.
    SHORT SUMMARY OF BYU GENEALOGY AND FAMILY HISTORY CONFERENCE, 28-31 Jul 2009 Topics is no particular order If you want more information on any of these topics,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2009
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      Topics is no particular order

      If you want more information on any of these topics, they have copies
      of the 632-page syllabus with notes for nearly all classes for sale -
      printed in hard copy ($45) or pdf on CD ($25) from
      http://ce.byu.edu/cw/cwgen/ ; hard copy was two spiral-bound halves
      with the halves fastened together (I've never seen that before, but
      it made it easier to open.)

      1. 135 talks - Conference organized by tracks -- Schedule is
      online at http://ce.byu.edu/cw/cwgen/schedule09.cfm
      (1) Basic Research Methodologies
      (2) Computers/Internet/Tecnology
      (3) Records Available at the Harold B. Lee Lib on BYU Campus
      (4) International Research for Beginners
      (5) Methodology
      (6) British
      (7) Beginner Track
      (8) Writing the Narrative FH
      (9) United States & Canada
      (10) Family History Consultants/Family History Library
      (11) FamilySearch
      (12) Colonial America
      (13) Professional

      2. Many prominent FH speakers were there, but some I expected to
      see didn't speak, e.g. Alan Mann and Kip Sperry didn't speak; LDS
      Church FH Dept was represented, but seemed like fewer speakers from
      there this time

      3. David Rencher, Chief Genealogical Office of the Church, gave
      an interesting keynote address about FamilySearcdh and the
      information explosion, products that are nearing the end of their
      lifecycle, others that are at the beginning of their lifecycle, and
      directions for FamilySearch and how to use it; there were also a
      couple of other talks by FH Dept people on the history and how to use
      FamilySearch and the FamilySearch Wiki and what's happening at the FH Library

      4. Several announcements about new FamilySearch and affiliate
      program updates that sync with it, e.g. Ancestral Quest, Family
      Insight, RootsMagic, Legacy

      5. Presentation of new teaching materials for FH Sunday School
      classes - Instructor's Manual, new DVD with helps, hope to have them
      mailed to priesthood leaders and in Distribution Centers by end of
      Aug 2009 -- see the Deseret News report about the talk -

      6. Good discussions of ways to publish online and in hard copy

      7. Several talks on what's available at the BYU Library, both
      online and hard copy

      8. Lots on searching newspapers, both on- and off-line, with many URL's

      9. Lots on software, instructions for using it, and comparisons

      10. Lots about online resources and URL's and how to search them

      11. Several talks on LDS Records (I didn't present, but see my
      online notes on LDS and Utah Records at http://uvpafug.org .)

      12. Lots on how to write narrative, stories, details to include,
      how to make it interesting

      13. Good presentations on research in each of areas listed in the
      tracks above

      14. Very little on DNA -- only one talk, I think

      15. Not as many vendors as in past, but a couple of new ones that
      I don't remember seeing there before

      16. Dates for next year's conferences -- BYU 2010 Computerized FH
      and Genealogy conference - 12-13 Mar 2010 and BYU 2010 Conference on
      FH and Genealogy - 27-30 Jul 2010

      Donald R. Snow, recently returned from the England London Mission,
      London Family History Centre
      Retired Professor of Mathematics, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
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