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9572Re: [fhctech] OT : Obituary data base program

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  • Bob Hegerich
    Mar 1, 2006
      Hi Peter:
      You never mentioned exactly what it is that you want to extract and put into a database.  If what you want to create is simply a death index with a small amount of detail per individual, may I suggest that you use MS Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet program.
      For what it's worth, I have compiled Burial Indexes four Nova Scotia Counties, one index per county, with the number of entries currently ranging from 15,000 to 45,000.  Rather than being posted on a web site as is, which would be a relatively simple thing to do, the files for each index has been uploaded to the GENWEB site for the appropriate county and their availability published.  From there, they can be downloaded in either Excel or tab-delimited text format.  Microsoft provides a free, downloadable Excel viewer that satisfies most people who do not have Excel installed, and so the tab-delimited text file is for those who either cannot or do not want to install a spreadsheet/viewer, or who want to import the file into a database of their choosing.  Going that route allows people to sort and search the file any way they choose on their own computer, rather than having to take what a web site offers them.
      These indexes use a six-column format:
      Seq#   Surname    Given(s)     Inscription/Record/Notes     Location     Cemetery
      As to the data grabbers, the only thing you can do is to put a copyright notice on the web site if you go that route.  I have two web sites with GEDCOMs converted to html--one has 70,000 entries and the other about 40,000, and both have copyright notices. That most likely deters the reputable commercial concerns, but certainly does not prevent unscrupulous or neophyte genealogists from copying all or part of the work and republishing it as their own, which happens.  That's the price of sharing information and in my book at least, it's worth it.  :-)
      PS.  Many ISP's provide their subscribers free web space that ought to be large enough to hold a 1,000 entry spreadsheet file with accompanying prettifications.
      Hope this helps.
          -----Bob H-----
      Annandale VA FHC
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      In a message dated 2/28/2006 8:31:54 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, peter.van.schaik@... writes:

      Honorable Techies ,

      A sister in our ward has a collection of almost a thousand obituaries of
      aboriginal people from southern Alberta , collected over the last twenty to
      thirty years from the local newspaper.

      We have found out that we are not allowed to copy these and then publish
      them in book format or JPG images on CD .

      But to make the information available to other researchers we can extract
      the names and info and compile an index .
      Which of course would be better and easier to search anyway.

      Now before we are going to re-invent the wheel (read;database) in the form of
      MS Excel or MS Acces , we would like to ask if any of you are aware of a program
      that will be able to do this.

      Some of the features that we would like to see;
      Sorting on names, dates, places.
      Searchable across all fields.
      Preferable searchable as a string or part name, or with wild cards.
      Ease of editing / adding of new material.
      Protection of data grabbers !!!!  While this is a volunteer project and will be
      free to anyone we would not like it if some company would "borrow" the info
      for their own gain.

      How about setting it up as a web page ? What would be involved to set it up
      as a free web page ?

      Any and all suggestions welcome.

      Thank you.

      Peter........in Lethbridge,Alberta,Canada.
      Genealogy .... chasing your own Tale !

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