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9324RE: [fhctech] Re: xceedzip and Inventory Manager

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  • RussellHltn
    Jan 4, 2006
      Are you saying that the restricted list is not being updated? I'll have to
      check and see if ours is being updated. I don't normally use IM.

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      I tried downloading the 14 day free trial of xceedzip and it didn't
      help. I tried renaming the file fhcru.fhc to restrict.txt, which is
      what it should name it after it is extracted. It is viewable in
      notepad. I thought that perhaps I could replace the existing file
      with the new file and have it work. However, the existing file is a
      bit elusive. I can see a restricted list from inventory manager but
      I can't seem to find the source. If you can find the source file in
      something like c:\nodesys\inbound\fhc01383\fhcru then you could copy
      the new file and overwrite the old one. The other thing you could do
      is simply rename the file extention to .txt and view it in notepad
      since it is simply a list of numbers. You would just have to
      remember to look when you order films.
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