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8148RE: [fhctech] Training course in powerpoint

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  • John Vilburn
    Mar 1 11:40 AM
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      You can find some excellent training materials and other helps for FHCs at www.ohanasoftware.com/FHC. If you want to translate any of them into spanish, we would love to have a copy to post on the site so others could benefit.
      Thank you,
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      From: Isaac Gamiño [mailto:maritrec@...]
      Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 3:36 PM
      To: fhctech@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [fhctech] Training course in powerpoint

      Hello everyone,
      A few weeks ago you were talking about a training course for FHC on powerpoint. I wonder if this file is available online, because in my ward in México are about to begin a trainning on PAF, and they don't have any material, because in spanish there is only very little translate about the PAF, (only the User's guide is translated, and is for the 4.0.4 version!) I greatly appreciate is someone leads me to this material, I understood that the owner was ok about sharing. My idea is to translate this material so the stake FHC could use it, because we are having advantages in FH work in our stake, and soon we are going to have internet access for the first time in our Family History Center, and we want to be prepared to help the members to use the PAF, TR for windows, and to make submissions via internet to the PRF.
      Thank you, and sorry for my english,
      Isaac Gamiño
      Piedras Negras-Mexico FH center director

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