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7546RE: [fhctech] network help

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  • Patty Gaddis
    Nov 1, 2004
      Correct on all parts. I will try again and make sure I am putting that
      ending "\" after the entry. I may have forgotten it.

      Hopefully tomorrow after work and voting I'll have time to run over.

      Thanks, Patty
      At 10:27 PM 10/31/2004, you wrote:
      >So, first to check the following settings -
      >The server is named computer1
      >The D drive is shared as d
      >The AD folder is located at d:\ad
      >You will need to also have an address for the IGI
      >Like <file://\\computer1\d\igi\>\\computer1\d\igi\
      >You will want to have the "\" at the end of the address.
      >Rick Klemetson
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