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7532RE: [fhctech] network help

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  • RussellHltn
    Nov 1, 2004
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      Tech tip: Open the network neighborhood and browse to the server, share and
      directory to find the IGI and IGI addendum. You'll know when you've reached
      the right folder when you see a bunch of folders with 2-letter names.

      Now check and see if the address shows the full URL or just the directory.
      If it's just the directory, click on Tools, Folder Options, View tab and
      check off "Display the full path in the address bar". You should now be
      able to see the URL to this directory. (You might need to close the window
      and browse again, I'm not sure about how quickly it updates.)

      Simply highlight the full URL in the address bar and do a Control-C (copy).
      You can now paste it into TempleReady's setup. That will get you an
      accurate URL free from typos. If you find you can't browse to that
      directory using your current login, then you'll need to fix that first.
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