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7347Re: [fhctech] PAF lesson problem

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  • Merlin R Kitchen
    Oct 1, 2004
      On Fri, 1 Oct 2004 18:54:11 -0700 "Gary Templeman"
      <gtempleman1@...> writes:
      > Beverly wrote:
      > > I'm using PAF5.2.18.0 and refer to the Lesson material frequently.
      > > Running Windows XP, I recently downloaded and installed the Win XP
      > SP2
      > > patch and now I am unable to access the Lessons. When I go to
      > > Help>Lessons I get nothing - no new window, no error message-
      > nada.
      > > Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions for a
      > cure?
      > >
      > > Incidentally, I am still able to get to the lessons on another
      > > computer that has not yet had the WinXP SP2 patch installed.
      > >
      > > Beverly
      > It is probably the Windows Firewall, which is turned on by default.
      > You
      > definitely should be running *some* firewall, but if you have
      > another one -
      > ZoneAlarm, Norton, etc. - you can turn off the Windows one.
      > Otherwise you
      > probably need to go into the firewall settings and add PAF as a
      > program that
      > is allowed Internet access.
      > Gary Templeman
      I have been led to believe that PAF lessons work in two different ways.
      If you downloaded and installed the lessons, they work direct. But if
      you didn't install them, they will work over the internet. I have
      installed the lessons on all of our machines, so I don't really know.

      My home computer with WinXP was updated with SP2 today, and I could not
      get the census images from Ancestry.com (at least for the 1920 census).
      I even turned off the new Windows Firewall that was installed with SP2
      and it didn't help I did not see a way to turn off the virus checker
      that was installed also with SP2. On advice from my computer expert, I
      uninstalled SP2 and my access to images started working normally. My
      computer expert also stated that "many" programs will not work with SP2
      because of the security holes in their programming. His advice--don't
      install SP2 until the software you use has the bugs worked out (as PAF
      Insight/Ohana Software has done).
      Merlin Kitchen
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