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6954RE: [fhctech] networking PRF

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  • Patty Gaddis
    Jun 4, 2004
      Thanks for the input, Rick. So, we could make sure that PRF is put on the
      1st computer turned on and the others on the others. That works.

      As for the missing CD's - We are hoping they is returned soon. They
      (61-80) had been dropped off at the library and within 48 hours before I
      got there to install it, someone had "borrowed" the one set. It's been
      three weeks and still not returned. A letter is going out to all staff
      about things disappearing in our library and we are hoping that will spur
      the "borrower" to return it. We have designated a cabinet for all supplies
      that only the Directors and myself will have keys to. This is not the
      first thing that has disappeared on us.

      That's a good idea. I will check with local centers to see if they have
      the CD's and installed on their hard drive so they won't need their CD's
      for a bit. We are hoping, though, that this resolves itself soon. I just
      feel bad that we have patrons that have asked if we have these next series
      and I've been delaying installing it until it got returned. Just didn't
      want to leave the others out for them to take the next ones.

      At 02:02 AM 6/4/2004, you wrote:

      >PRF is the main program that would have a hard time if the drives were not
      >available when you started the computer.
      >For the DOS family search, I use a batch file that maps the drive letters
      >when I click the Icon and then removes the drive mappings when it is done.
      >Most of the other programs can be installed using UNC paths (i.e.
      >that is not accessed until the program is executed.
      >Answer to the PS question you can install 61-65 and 71-80 as long as the
      >Index files correspond. The end users will get a failure when they attempt
      >to access data on 66-70, but I would go ahead and do it.
      >I wonder if there is another center close to you that has their 66-70
      >discs that they could loan you.
      >Rick Klemetson
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