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6950Re: [fhctech] networking PRF

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  • Patty Gaddis
    Jun 3, 2004
      Still trying to think all this through. We are looking into getting three
      used computers from a local company and may end up rethinking our entire
      system here.

      But, in the meantime, another question. Currently, we must have our
      "server" computer up and running before the others can be turned on to
      recognize all the drives. If we were to put different programs on each
      computer and have them all seeing each other for the different programs,
      how do we need to turn the system on? Hope I'm asking this question correctly.

      Thanks, Patty

      p.s. Is there any reason we must install the PRF CD's in numerical order
      of the set series? Or, will it work fine except that we won't have the
      data available for CD's 65-70 until we can get it installed on our
      system. We currently have CD's 1- 60 indexes installed on the computer and
      leave the CD's available to put in the CD drive. We have 61-65 and 71-80
      ready to install and add to our collection, but have not installed them
      because of the missing CD's. Not sure how long it will be before the
      missing ones appear again and hate to delay the patrons any more than we
      already have.

      At 12:31 AM 6/3/2004, you wrote:
      >You can have different resources on different computers however - the
      >Ancestral File data on one computer, Scottish Church records on another,
      >Freedman's on another, etc. I just do not know of a way to split up a single
      >Gary Templeman
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