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6924Re: [fhctech] networking PRF

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  • Gary Templeman
    Jun 1, 2004
      Patty Gaddis wrote:
      > This may be a stupid question, but is there any problem with me
      > loading the PRF program and files onto a different computer than our
      > assigned server one that has all the other IGI, etc on it? (That is
      > if I don't mess it up.) We are out of room on the current server and
      > have 40GB of space on our new HP. This is not the one dedicated to
      > the MS300 scanner system. It is a stand-alone system in our library.
      > Our CD's keep disappearing and I'd really like to get them on the
      > network and lock the CD's up.
      > Thanks, Patty
      > Exeter, NH FHC

      The only problem is that the (currently) 80 CDs of data plus the index
      probably will not fit. According to fhctech.org, the first 60 CDs were
      41,454MB or approximately 40 GB and you potentially have a third more, with
      more probably on the way. You also want to leave at least 10% free space on
      the drive for proper function.

      Gary Templeman
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