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5514HP4 laserjet error msg #22 fixed with JetDirect

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  • Vern Taylor
    Aug 7, 2003
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      Even though this used to work, I think it might have been the driver
      changes to get PAF 5.2 to print correctly that made it stop working.
      Now I've traded one set of problems for some new ones.
      I got a JetDirect external network print spooler donated and have
      installed the software on our print server PC. When this software installs
      it detects the JetDirect device and installs the HPLaserJet4 printer driver
      by my choice. It does not allow any printing by DOS programs. But,
      I can now on the cliet PCs choose the //server/hplaserjet4 printer as a
      network printer and capture the Lpt1 printer port.
      Ancestral File is printing fine.
      PAF 5.2 just spits out pages of a few garbage characters.

      Since I reused the previous HPLaserjet4 files I had on the HD, I don't
      know if trying to update the printer driver files is going to help any, but
      seems like something I will have to try.
      I also am still learning about how to get in and configure the JetDirect
      device. Anyone else using one of these?
      Will know more next week.

      Stockton FHC

      --- Russell Houlton <R_Houlton@...> wrote:
      > On some printers the printer port is on a plug-in card. You need to make
      > sure that card is security plugged into the printer. You might also try
      > another printer cable.
      > What is the history of this setup? Did it work or is this a new setup?
      > Was
      > something changed when it failed?
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      > The printer is on Lpt1. It started out on a win98 PC1 then we moved it to
      > a
      > winME PC5. These errors were from attachment to the win98 Server. It is
      > then shared to the network.
      > vern.

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