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5307[fhctech] Re: Missing Ordinances in OI

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  • Mark E. Gower
    Jul 1, 2003
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      First-- IGI on CD and the OI are the same things-- the IGI on CD does
      not show the ordinance information , where the OI does.

      Second-- To find your complete listing of all ordinances completed, you
      will have to look at the IGI online at familysearch.org. That is where
      you should be looking after you have you have used TempleReady, since
      that only searches the CDs.

      Third-- You must follow the recommended procedures for clearing names to
      avoid duplication. That includes a little detective work and not trying
      to do an exact match search only. Some information may have been
      incorrect or spelled wrong. You must seek the spirit to know that this
      is the same person. ( If it looks like an Elephant, sounds like an
      Elephant, and smells like an Elephant then it is most likely an Elephant.)

      Fourth-- The date for the ordinance completion and who performed the
      proxy work is not important-- It is only important that the work be
      completed in their behalf.

      Fifth-- A deceased member's Membership record can be corrected by
      submitting the proper documentation and requesting that it be corrected.
      Too often, a clerk does not verify the information they send to Salt
      Lake and it turns out to be incorrect. (Once the record leaves his ward,
      his responsibility is done. --NOT) He will be judged on the correctness
      of the records. I spend far more time making corrections to records than
      I do any other thing.

      Sixth-- That 95 year rule is for living people ONLY. And nothing else
      will be posted to the OI, you must use the IGI internet.

      Seventh-- Submitting any information to the PRF is NOT going to prevent
      anything. It will not even get information corrected unless someone
      looks at it and asks questions. Multiple entries in the PRF os the same
      individual is just more confusing without an explanation.

      Eighth-- Each individual has a right of privacy, while living, you do
      not have a right to post information about any living individual without
      their permission. There is a way to get anyone to stop submitting your
      personal information-- contact me directly.

      Ninth-- DO NOT submit any information directly from any source that
      cannot be verified by a simple document reference-- there is no need to
      have the document in-hand, as proof.

      Tenth-- The volunteers that answer your call at Family History Support
      do not have the answers for everything-- especially concerning
      membership records. You sometimes need to go to a supervisor or other
      person in-charge for the correct answer. Often, an answer will sound
      like policy, but it is not written any anyone else will quote you a
      different policy.

      OK- I'm done.

      Mark E. Gower
      Mesa, Arizona, USA
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