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5306Re: FW: {LDS#194-297}Missing Ordinances in OI

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  • klbeardall
    Jul 1, 2003
      I had this very issue regarding my own now-deceased parents. My
      grandparents have been sealed over and over again by p. I wanted to
      prevent this happening for my own parents who did not appear as sealed
      on the Ordinance Index.

      My parents were actually sealed in marriage in 1932 in the Salt Lake
      City Temple. I have the signed and dated sealing certificate for the
      sealing. I asked the Family History Department to search their data
      for me. They advised that because there were "errors" on their
      membership records (apparently due to the ward clerk not completely
      indicating some specific needed information on their membership
      records), the sealing cannot be posted on the Ordinance Index for 95
      years from the date of the sealing (that will be 2027). (I wonder if
      this is policy or some legal matter.) I can provide death
      certificates for them if they would be accepted.

      To prevent someone from performing this sealing again, I was advised
      to immediately put the correct information on the Pedigree Resource
      File (PRF) in the "hope" that it would be checked by anyone who might
      condider performing the sealing again by proxy. I see no chance of
      this happening.

      An individual, not a member of our family, has already posted my
      parents names twice to the Pedigree Resource File without ordinances
      as well as my own name and my children. I don't know this person and
      he is not a member of our family. He will not respond to my letters
      and e-mail to him. I personally know all of the direct descendents of
      my parents and the single sibling of my father and her descendents,
      and have asked them if they know this person, but they do not.

      Believe me this is the most frustrating experience I have ever faced.
      I am trying to prevent this ordinance from being repeated by proxy. I
      cannot seem to get the kind of cooperation I would expect from the
      Family History Department to get the data current so Temple Ready
      would not permit the ordinance from being repeated.

      John S. Beardall
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