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5101Re: Inventory of FHC Computers

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  • Alexander Smith
    Jun 4, 2003
      My director handed me a floppy with a set of files on it (abt 600K) to
      conduct the inventory. You put in the floppy, switch to the A: drive, and
      run the program using the START/RUN a:\rinv.exe (as I recall, probably
      stands for run inventory). The program collects information on your
      hardware and software and stores it as a text file on the floppy (this is
      good information to make a paper copy for your own information). There is a
      separate text file for each computer. After you have run the program on
      each computer you are supposed to copy the results onto the computer that
      you use for Inventory Manager. There is a program on the disk to copy the
      files (a:\copy....) where they are stored in the nodesys directory until the
      next time you make an order using Inventory Manager. At that time the files
      are transferred to Salt Lake. Another option is to mail in the floppy disk.

      Alex Smith
      Los Angeles Family History Center
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