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5092RE: [fhctech] Inventory of FHC Computers

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  • blhewitt7@netscape.net
    Jun 2 6:31 AM
      I haven't heard of a request for an inventory of FHC computers from SLC,
      but that doesn't mean our director hasn't received it and already taken
      care of it. I know that the ward administrative computers (i.e. ward
      clerk computers) are periodically inventoried for a couple of purposes.
      1. To make sure that the computers meet minimum specifications for
      administrative computers.
      2. To help the stakes keep track of potiential problems (i.e. diskspace
      getting low). The asst. stake clerk can usually request this report.

      The information that I got when I last made a request for our report was:
      - CPU Type
      - CPU Speed
      - OS Version
      - HD capacity / Free
      - RAM

      The thing I found that was missing was info on the CD-ROM. I still had
      a couple of systems that didn't have CD-ROMs that I didn't know about.
      (Hadn't been out to those units yet - 50mile/90mile drive type of thing).

      What I think could possibly be going on is an upgrade to Family Search
      that may take advantage of Windows and possibly the network. Our FHC
      directory shared with me a letter that indicated that all FHC's are
      supposed to get internet either this year or next and that the stakes
      are supposed to make sure that it is funded either by usage fees, donations
      or budget. I know that the general authorities are very anxious to make
      sure that we quit duplicating ordinances in the temple and this may be
      part of that drive.

      Brian Hewitt - Minneapolis, MN FHC

      "Gary Tarbet" <gtarbet@...> wrote:

      >Anyone know what the church is looking for from the inventory of
      >computers they have requested?  How will it be used?
      >Ashburn VA
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