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3932RE: [fhctech] Networking problem

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  • Steven Niedermeyer
    Oct 21, 2002
      We have experienced this problem at the Bellingham, WA FHC. I haven't
      taken the time to track down the problem as TempleReady was the
      priority. I did attempt reloading CD's and verifying the title.cd file
      was in the correct location according to install instructions. I've
      tried not to bug the F&CHD with the problem as I don't think they
      officially support networking these products.

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      Sent: Monday, October 21, 2002 2:46 PM
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      Subject: [fhctech] Networking problem

      We have encountered some problem with our network and I hope someone on
      the list has a solution. I first noticed the problem several weeks ago
      when two patrons were both trying to access the Freedman's Bank Records
      and it started asking for a CD. My son and I did a check trying to
      access it from all 4 of our computers and it would only access one and
      the rest gives us the message that you had to have a CD. He checked
      everything and it is set up according the the directions we received
      from the tech page. We decided to further check on several other
      programs and encountered other problems. When several people are using
      the 1880 census, the first one in gets the information and everything is
      fine but if another patron tries it takes forever for the program to
      come up to the individual search screen. Many times the computer
      freezes and the program never will come up. I had noticed this
      happening with PRF previously but I put it off as just something weird
      with PRF but now I wonder what is going on. We are running WIN NT 4
      Workstation as our server with 2 Win 95 and 2 Win 98 as our clients.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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