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359Re: IT wishlist

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  • Marty Allred
    Jun 2, 2000
      --- In fhctech@egroups.com, "Lee" <prgraph@i...> wrote:
      > If you have any other concerns or suggestions please
      > send them and I will raise them if I have the opportunity.

      One of the concerns I have has to do with operating systems
      If they could make their programs so they ran in a browser window
      (which doesn't seem like it would be all that hard given the fact
      they already have a lot of the functionality on their web site) then
      we could whatever OS we wanted including "free" ones such as Linux.
      This would save a lot of money and give us all a lot more flexibility
      in which computers we used. Here in the US, where we have a fairly
      standard of living, it isn't all that hard to get donated computers
      that can run Windows95+, but there a lot of places where you're just
      not going to get that. Even buying such a computer is almost out of
      the question given the financial conditions in many places.
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