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3083Re: [fhctech] Re: Yahoo group changes

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  • Dana A. Repouille
    Apr 3, 2002
      From: "helpdeskdan" <dan.schmidt@...>

      > unclicking boxes I know I unclicked. Granted, I expect(ed) better
      > from yahoo.

      Why would you expect anything from a totally free service?

      > By the way, while I am wasting space on the listserve, I do have a
      > question. This listserve is for FHC. Is there a seperate one
      > where I can ask question concerning MIS, FIS, and all that?

      See list info at: http://www.MormonsToday.com/ldsclerks/
      Send commands in the body of a message to majordomo@...
      To join: subscribe ldsclerks
      To leave: unsubscribe ldsclerks
      To join digest: subscribe ldsclerks-digest

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