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  • helpdeskdan
    Apr 2, 2002
      Truth be told, I don't trust anybody. My listed addr. is an iname
      address and I check it once a week or so. I suspect it will
      eventually get spammed. When it does, I'll create a new one. I
      only give out my good pop3 e-mail address to friends.

      As for the "switcharoo" on the junk mail, this seems common
      practice. I have registered many places and, despite carefull
      unclicking of boxes, I inevitably find myself going back and
      unclicking boxes I know I unclicked. Granted, I expect(ed) better
      from yahoo.

      By the way, while I am wasting space on the listserve, I do have a
      question. This listserve is for FHC. Is there a seperate one
      where I can ask question concerning MIS, FIS, and all that?


      --- In fhctech@y..., "g2j4m3jg" <jgillen@s...> wrote:
      > I received this email via another group to which I subscribe. I
      > the edits as suggested and my options were all "Yes."
      > --- Original message
      > Hi Folks.
      > There is an unfortunate thing about to happen to all
      > the Yahoo groups. I have been told in another group
      > that Yahoo has reset each member's marketing defaults
      > so they can send you junk mail. I would change
      > everyone myself, but the system won't let me.
      > So you don't receive junk mail from Yahoo, follow the directions
      > below:
      > Go to http://groups.yahoo.com
      > Select "Account Info" at the top of the page
      > Enter Yahoo password and login
      > Under "Account Info" Select "Edit your Marketing Preferences"
      > Change the default "Yes" to "No" in each of the categories
      > you actually want the junk mail!).
      > --- End original message
      > John
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