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3069Re: [fhctech] Yahoo group changes

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  • Tom Huber
    Apr 1, 2002
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      I know that there is a common rumor that Yahoo made the changes. However, I took
      a slightly different route, especially since I am actively fighting spam in any
      form. I wrote to abuse@... and indicated that it appears that someone has
      hacked into their site and changed all my settings. I asked that they
      investigate and take care of the matter and suggested that they provide all
      their accounts with information and a simple link to their settings so they
      could check them. We'll have to see what response is forthcoming.

      Frankly, if Yahoo is at fault (and there is no real reason not to suspect them,
      other than naivete), then they are violating basic business ethics in changing
      everyone's account information. There are no laws regarding their action, so
      they are safe there, but the practice is considered to be "net abuse" for which
      all of us pay. But that is an entirely off-topic issue. If anyone wants more
      info, you are welcome to e-mail me and I'll provide some links for you to

      Tom Huber
      Crystal Lake, IL FHC

      On Mon, 01 Apr 2002 17:05:13 -0000, "g2j4m3jg" <jgillen@...> wrote:

      >I received this email via another group to which I subscribe. I made
      >the edits as suggested and my options were all "Yes."
      >--- Original message
      >Hi Folks.
      >There is an unfortunate thing about to happen to all
      >the Yahoo groups. I have been told in another group
      >that Yahoo has reset each member's marketing defaults
      >so they can send you junk mail. I would change
      >everyone myself, but the system won't let me.
      >So you don't receive junk mail from Yahoo, follow the directions
      >Go to http://groups.yahoo.com
      >Select "Account Info" at the top of the page
      >Enter Yahoo password and login
      >Under "Account Info" Select "Edit your Marketing Preferences"
      >Change the default "Yes" to "No" in each of the categories (unless
      >you actually want the junk mail!).
      >--- End original message
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