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2905Re: [fhctech] PCs that won't run Family Search

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  • Ronald W. Frye
    Mar 1, 2002
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      Lee wrote:
      > *************** Rick P asked me to forward this message to the list
      > **********************
      > I have posted several items on here about PCs that will not run Family
      > Search. This is an update
      > A number of modern PCs will not run Family Search under any operating system
      > failing with an error indicating no EMS memory. It is particularly prevalent
      > when running under ME, 2000 or XP. I originally thought this was due to the
      > motherboard manufacturers no longer supporting the LIM interrupts but this
      > may not be the case.

      Sounds like what we really need is a Windows version of Family Search.
      Salt Lake... can you give us an idea when Family Search will be released
      in a Windows version?


      Ronald W. Frye

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