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  • Rick Klemetson
    Mar 3, 2000

      Sorry to switch phones. My new number is (801) 636-5700. My work offered
      to provide a cell phone for free.

      1. The minimum they should do is install a single 40 Gig drive in a single
      computer � cost under $300 USD If just one computer has the hard drive with
      the CD�s � it is a great tool and show the real speed advantage.
      2. Next, the cost to network the Pentiums � requires a 10 Mbit concentrator
      ($35 to $50) and a network card for the three computers ($11 to $20 each).
      This is as far as I got my FHC for the first year. I just got approval to
      get a second 40 Gig drive and network cards for the 486�s. Like Louis Puster
      said, I would just run 10 Mbit (even though your cards may be 10/100 Mbit).
      3. So for under $400, you have a small network with the three computers.
      This doesn�t deal with the 486�s yet, but the ones that are hooked up will
      have an incredible speed advantage. The 486�s are still there when enough
      people are already using the Pentiums.
      4. If the 486�s can run windows, that�s great, if not the 486�s can be run
      from DOS and use the network using the instructions on the web page �
      http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~fhcnet/fhctech/dosclient.html#dos - See snip

      Please have the stake clerk contact me and I�ll be glad to answer any
      questions. So that he feels more comfortable, tell him that I�ve being
      doing on site computer service for 15 years, mostly with small networks. I
      don�t know everything, but I�m good at finding the answers. Also, you have
      the web page and mailing list to help provide the support needed with any

      Get the DOS Workgroup Client from ftp.microsoft.com, in directory
      /bussys/clients/MSCLIENT - (this path works fine -
      gwc). Get both files. They're self-extractors. Extract all the files (to a
      temporary folder-gwc), run SETUP. Now your DOS
      machine is a client on your Windows P-t-P (peer-to-peer) network.

      (This is now on our site - Click Here for WG1049.EXE)

      Go back to ftp.microsoft.com, and get WG1049.EXE, from /softlib/mslfiles.
      It's another self-extractor. Run it in your /NET
      directory, and let it overwrite whatever it wants to. (This enables your DOS
      machine to share its files -- az) - (I don't see this as
      necessary in our situation...gwc)

      Make the obvious changes to /NET/SYSTEM.INI. Some fine tuning is required
      (like "Computer Name"; "Network Name";
      IO Base and Interrupt). And make sure you set the 'filesharing' and
      'printsharing' "YES". Also I've always used NO passwords
      (simpler this way).

      Now you have a DOS based client/server that can work on a Win95 network.

      Rick Klemetson
      (801) 636-5700 Cell

      -----Original Message-----
      From: Arthur Lee [mailto:ARTHUR_LEE@...]
      Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2000 9:58 PM
      To: fhctech; Rick Klemetson
      Subject: [fhctech] FHC Network

      From: Arthur Lee <arthur_lee@...>

      Dear Rick and List

      I tried to phone Rick this evening, but I got a message saying that the
      number I dialed was incorrect so I am writing this letter. Our director
      presented our proposal for a network to the stake presidency and high
      council of the stake that advises our Family History Center. The Stake
      Presidency was very favorable, and turned it over to the stake clerk to
      look into because he is in the computer business. He advised them that we
      would not be able to use the 486 computers as part of a network.

      I previously sent a letter to the FHC Tech list stating that we had three
      pentiums (two of the Dell Pentium 2 that the church is sending out to the
      stakes right now and one Pentium 1 (75 mhz) as well as 4 - 486 computers.
      I was advised that bigger hard drives for the two Dells would be necessary
      and that they could act as the servers and there wouldn't need to be
      changes in any of the other computers (except for cables, cards, etc.).
      Because our Stake Clerk is a "computer specialist" the Stake Presidency of
      course are inclined to take his advice.

      You previously sent us estimated costs including larger hard drives for two
      Pentium II Dells and using our 486 computers. We presented them, adjusting
      the estimated costs for Canadian dollars. It looks as if the network won't
      be approved because we have no way of purchasing four Pentiums (or even one
      more for that matter). I sure would like some help, if possible, to help
      us convince our Stake Clerk that it would be possible to have a network in
      our center. I hope I didn't misunderstand about being able to use the
      486's. I am pretty sure that other centers have set up networks under
      similar situations. What can we say or do? We need some advice.
      Carol Lee

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