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  • pcombes@mindspring.com
    Mar 3, 2000
      Carol Lee,

      I set up a BNC network using a Pentium 233 as a dedicated server with 64
      megs of ram running Windows 98. Each of the workstations is a 486 DX2-66
      with 20 megs of ram running Windows 95B. Temple Ready takes about 10-15
      seconds. (you know how much CD swapping that used to take)

      I'm afraid the person who is advising you has been listening to too many
      sales people who want to get his money. Make the network a single purpose
      thing and get rid of all the extra software junk and it will fly.

      Obviously higher powered Pentiums all around will help. It could get a
      typical search down from three seconds to maybe two and a half. Not worth
      the expense involved. The limiting speed factor is the length of time it
      takes to shove the data down the wire, not the speed of the processors.

      If you use 486's as workstations, make sure they are DX2-66's not SX
      something and you have enough memory so that Windows doesn't choke. I
      recommend at least 0 megs.

      For what it's worth................Pete
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      From: Arthur Lee <arthur_lee@...>
      To: fhctech <fhctech@onelist.com>; Rick Klemetson <klem@...>
      Date: Thursday, March 02, 2000 8:59 PM
      Subject: [fhctech] FHC Network

      >From: Arthur Lee <arthur_lee@...>
      >Dear Rick and List
      >I tried to phone Rick this evening, but I got a message saying that the
      >number I dialed was incorrect so I am writing this letter. Our director
      >presented our proposal for a network to the stake presidency and high
      >council of the stake that advises our Family History Center. The Stake
      >Presidency was very favorable, and turned it over to the stake clerk to
      >look into because he is in the computer business. He advised them that we
      >would not be able to use the 486 computers as part of a network.
      >I previously sent a letter to the FHC Tech list stating that we had three
      >pentiums (two of the Dell Pentium 2 that the church is sending out to the
      >stakes right now and one Pentium 1 (75 mhz) as well as 4 - 486 computers.
      >I was advised that bigger hard drives for the two Dells would be necessary
      >and that they could act as the servers and there wouldn't need to be
      >changes in any of the other computers (except for cables, cards, etc.).
      >Because our Stake Clerk is a "computer specialist" the Stake Presidency of
      >course are inclined to take his advice.
      >You previously sent us estimated costs including larger hard drives for two
      >Pentium II Dells and using our 486 computers. We presented them, adjusting
      >the estimated costs for Canadian dollars. It looks as if the network won't
      >be approved because we have no way of purchasing four Pentiums (or even one
      >more for that matter). I sure would like some help, if possible, to help
      >us convince our Stake Clerk that it would be possible to have a network in
      >our center. I hope I didn't misunderstand about being able to use the
      >486's. I am pretty sure that other centers have set up networks under
      >similar situations. What can we say or do? We need some advice.
      >Carol Lee
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