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1980Re: [fhctech] A few new things from the BYU Fh/Gen Conf today

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  • Steven Cannon
    Aug 2, 2001
      On #2, please DO NOT DO THIS!! It may appear to work but WILL cause problems with the data. It is very important and we MUST stop this rumor as soon as possible so it won't spread.

      >>> snowd@... 07/31/01 10:59PM >>>
      Today at the BYU Gen/FH Conf I picked up a few new things that may be of
      interest to you folks.

      (1) An updated TempleReady for Windows program CD set will be shipped to
      all FHC's starting in the next week or two. This will correct some of the
      bugs that have been reported and will have some new printer drivers included.

      (2) There is a way to change a PAF5 TempleReady for Windows file into one
      for TempeReady for DOS, if a FHC patron comes in with the wrong kind of
      file and wants to run TR. Call FH Support when this occurs and they will
      "walk you through it". It involves changing two lines in the GEDCOM.

      (3) So far they have received and are working on 50-60 applications for
      Internet in FHC's due to the letter to Stake Presidents and Bishops a
      couple of weeks ago. Need Stake President's signature on the application
      or they have to call you and him to get info. They are setting up dial-up
      (telephone line) or broadband (DSL, cable, etc.) depending on how many
      computers the FHC has and the FHC's network. You can figure out a
      reasonable charge for patrons to use the Internet, or the Stake can pay the
      entire bill. They hope to be able to work out a contract with some of the
      commercial FH sites, e.g. Ancestry, so that those databases would be
      available at FHC's too. Would probably be cheaper than individual FHC's
      subscribing to the services.

      (4) They are setting up a FHC Network for info, etc., and will post the FHD
      Memoranda and other items on it. Their current FHC web site template will
      only allow a few resources of the FHC to be listed, but eventually all of a
      FHC's resources will be "postable" so anyone can check to see what films,
      fiche, books, CD's, etc., they have. They want FHC's to use the Inventory
      Manager for ordering and tracking films/fiche since that allows them to
      find out what films each FHC has in their permanent collection so this info
      can be listed. They haven't got this info for the past 3 years since the
      time the Distribution Center changed the film/fiche ordering system. The
      locations of films/fiche that is in the FS (DOS version) is now more than 3
      years out of date with no way to update it.

      (5) They hope to have the new FH SS lessons out next year.

      (6) They are revising the blue and white "Where Do I Start" leaflet that is
      used in all FHC's.

      (7) Steve Cannon gave away a CD copy of PAF 5 this afternoon and said it
      was the 1 millionth copy of PAF 4 and/or 5. He said 1 million copies of
      either PAF 4 or 5 have been downloaded or purchased on CD now.

      (8) The PAF 5 CD from the Distribution Centers contains PAF 5.1.12, PAF, PAF 5 Companion Disk evaluation copy, the PAF 5 lessons, all the
      languages and Unicode for them, the PAF 4 and 5 manuals, and Adobe Acrobat
      reader. In addition, it contains 15 or 20 forms such as the family group
      sheets that the Church prints. These are in Adobe Acrobat form and can be
      printed out.

      (9) PAF 5 (and maybe PAF 4, too) will accept "relative" paths for storing
      photos and media, i.e., if you form a subdirectory under your PAF5
      directory for your photos, etc., you can just list that subdirectory
      without using an "absolute" reference such as C:\PAF5\Data\... for where
      the photo is. The "C:\ " makes it an absolute path. What this does is
      allow you to copy your PAF data and subdirectory with photos and media to
      another computer, or make a CD, without having to have exactly the same
      directory setup above PAF5. All you need is the directory structure below
      PAF5 to be the same.

      (10) The 1881 Canadian Census (4.3 million records) will be released on
      CD's in late 2001.

      (11) 75% of the submitters to the Pedigree Resource Files are non-LDS at

      Well those are a few things I picked up today.

      Don Snow
      Dr. Donald R. Snow, Department of Mathematics, Brigham Young University,
      Provo, Utah 84602 USA, (801) 378-2366, snowd@...

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