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  • marcolgaertner
    Aug 13, 2014
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      Hi all, I am new to the group.  I am the stake clerk over computers.  It's a new calling for me.

      We also had the same problem: 2 out of the 6 new great OptiPlex 9020 computers we received failed to boot and went into an infinite loop of reboot requests.  The hard drive was fine, but it was incorrectly imaged by Dell, and the restore partition (that allows you to press F11 to restore) was incorrectly configured so it too was unusable.  I did get a DVD image by mail upon request, but it had problems too.  One problem was that the disc was damaged, which probably won't happen to you. 

      What I did want to warn you is that once the image DVD installed, it did not correctly install all the drivers.  You probably want to have a computer guy come in and go to Device Manager, right click most entries in there, tell each entry to "Update Driver", and point the installer to the C:\Out-of-the-box\ folder.  Only after I did that, did the good computers match exactly the bad computers.  Is there someone we can warn about the image problem, so that they can get Dell to fix at the factory for future computers?  One bad side effect of this all means that the great "press F11 to fix your computer" functionality is not (and cannot be) present after using the DVD image. 

      Also, the background of the DVD imaged computers did not match the good computers.  Let me know if you need instructions on how to fix that.

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