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13626RATOC SCSI to USB Win7 driver needed

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  • Gary Templeman
    May 30, 2014
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      We recently received a number of new Windows 7 computers at our center,
      and one is being used to replace the original (and now very slow and
      prone to crash) XP computer that came with the Canon digital microfilm
      scanner. That scanner uses a RATOC SCSI to USB converter cable, and
      although that converter is no longer sold I have found where to download
      a Windows 7 driver.

      Problem - the download requires one to enter the product key/code and we
      do not have the original packaging or any record of that number. If
      anyone else either has the driver file that you can email me directly,
      knows a valid product code, or can direct me to the appropriate person
      in SL to contact I would appreciate it. My experience with these kinds
      of unique problems is that it is difficult to get through the support
      system by phone to reach someone who has the authorization and knowledge
      to find something like an old product code.

      Gary Templeman
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