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13617Portal status on new Dell 9020 Computers

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  • Gary Templeman
    May 4, 2014
      Our FHC had a number of new computers delivered this week. And BTW there
      was no message to the director to indicate they were coming, or which
      computers they were to replace.

      As per the instruction sheet, I ran the Portal Status program to setup
      the Premium Websites. It completed successfully, however it also still
      lists the following problems:

      1: The run key is not setup to use the new.Portalsvc.exe like it should
      be setup.

      2: The system is not web-filtered, which is a requirement for accessing
      the FHC Services Portal.


      1. What does #1 mean and how do I fix it (if necessary)?

      2. Our center IS filtered at the firewall/router level, so what does it
      mean that the *system* is not filtered and how do I fix that too?

      ~ Gary Templeman
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