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13613Re: [fhctech] Windows 7 upgrade

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  • jbmarcum
    Jan 3, 2014
      Unfortunately, Family History has disabled local Windows 7 Updates with this image. You try to go in to establish when the updates should happen, and it says "Never." Even at an "Administrator" level, you cannot decide when to do the Windows 7 updates. This is all controlled from SLC end as they have told me. This was why I was so upset about this image they sent. Also, how would you make an image of one pc when you do not know if all the Windows 7 updates have even been downloaded? I agree that this would be one idea to think about. SLC says that they do not know when the updates are pushed out per their tech support that I contacted at first. Great! Tell me how you get around this one. I am all ears.

      Judith Marcum
      Yuma AZ FHC Computer Specialist

      ---- Perry E Shumway <perryeshumway@...> wrote:

      A procedure I found very helpful setting up new PCs and which saves a lot of time. I take one of the PCs and get it configured with all of the updates and proprietary programs available from the portal. Then I make an image of the hard drive using a program called "Aconis PC Backup and Recovery". I then install this image on each of the other PCs changing the PC name on each on afterward so they are unique on the network. It takes a long time to do the first one but the remaining PCs can be done in an hour or less each. I hope this might be helpful to others.

      On Thursday, January 2, 2014 8:01 PM, Dana Repouille <drepouille@...> wrote:

      Thanks for the information and warning. My stake didn't have Sophos problems in our FHCs. Rather, a few of our clerk computers got messed up by Sophos when it found a false positive in its auto-updater.

      I usually disabled Windows Update until I am ready to install updates. I hate to have those updates download themselves in the background while I am doing other things.

      I will let you know what image I receive, as well as any problems I find.

      Dana Repouille
      Council Bluffs Iowa Stake Clerk
      and husband of the FHC Director

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      > From: jbmarcum@...
      > Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2014 20:33:27 -0500
      > Subject: Re: [fhctech] Windows 7 upgrade
      > Be careful with this one, as the image that FHC Support sends you is the defective image I have been trying to install on 10 new pcs they sent our FHC. I have spent over 50+ hours trying to get these new pcs running with very little help from SLC. The image is dated Nov 2012, so it is over a year old. They also control all the updates to Windows 7, so it was installing a years' worth of updates at the same time I was trying to install FHC software. It was just chaotic! I finally had to do it on my own without their help since I was given very little. The Sophos is also defective. The image was created at the time that Sophos created a huge problem for the FHC's. So, be careful what you ask for. It is NOT a Windows 7 OS cd, but rather THEIR image that you have to make work on the pcs they sent you.
      > Judith Marcum
      > Yuma AZ FHC Computer Specialist
      > ---- Dana Repouille <drepouille@...> wrote:
      > =============
      > If your FHC computers are still running XP, run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor to see if they can run Windows 7:
      > http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/downloads/upgrade-advisor
      > Windows 7 image DVDs for FHC computers are available from Family History Center Support.
      > Windows 7 Professional license keys can be purchased through the Family History Department at the discounted rate of $71.60 for each license.
      > Checks can be written by the stake clerk from the family history center budget, payable to Corporation of the President.
      > Mail the check to:
      > Att. Mark Summerhays
      > 50 E. North Temple
      > JSMB 3W
      > Salt Lake City, UT 84150
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