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13607Beginning Computers Training Guide

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  • freid00
    Dec 28, 2013

      Well, I'm embarrassed! Getting old and forgetful. Thank goodness for wives. My dear Dorcus just reminded me that I also wrote a "Beginning Computers Training Guide" which I can send to you also. 

      It is for a beginning class in six sections with a homework assignment page with questions at the end of each section. This is for the very beginning--not specific to any version of Windows. It is about...


      -this is a keyboard with these keys, 

      -this is a mouse with its three buttons, 

      -this is a hard drive, 

      -his is a floppy drive, 

      -this is a flash drive, 

      -this is the screen layout

      -this is how to use the software tools


      It's about the same number of pages as the others and is also a pdf file for easy attachment to an email. If you would like it too, just email me again.

      Frank Reid

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