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13604Sending the Windows 7 Training Guide

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  • freid00
    Dec 26, 2013
      I have now sent out nearly forty copies of the Advanced Windows 7 Training Guide. 

      But it has become necessary to once again tell you all of the necessity for requesting this guide by using your personal email address. Although I have several anti-virus and other tools set to catch malware there still is a possibility of me sending this to a false address.

      The only way to make this work is to communicate person-to-person by email, and not through another agency, even PAF5-USERS, as good as they are.

      So I must insist that you send me an email request via your personal email, not through the email system here. I can only send out copies that I can "Reply" to in the email. Many are still sending an email from here and the address for this group is the "Reply to" address. I won't do this. 

      It must be an email from your personal address to my personal address. You can look up mine here on the site. The moderator can show you how.

      If you will do it this way we will both be somewhat protected and there will be no delay in you receiving the training guide.
      Best Regards,
      Merry Christmas and Happy Family History work.

      Franklin Reid