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13485Flash Drives not being recognized

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  • Sally
    Mar 22, 2012
      Hi Everyone

      I am hoping someone can help me. I am the Director of a FHC and about a week ago we noticed that patrons could not save an image off of our digital reader onto their flash drive (memory stick). It keeps putting them back to a window that gives just the option of admin sign in and password. Once you log in (which is only me) then the computer looks for the driver for it, downloads it and then says it is completed. So you try again and it will go back to the original window of sign in for admin but you can just click on cancel and then go to My Computer and click on the flash drive just fine.

      When I finally got our tech in tonight he played around with it for awhile. It seems some flash drives are just fine and some you have to go through the steps above which made no sense to me. I have about 8 of these sticks and some worked and some did not. He said that he did what he could and the only thing we can do is just slowly build the database up till the computer has all the flash drive "drivers" in it's database. That made even less sense to me and I told him that. Seeing as how I am the only one other then him who has the admin code that would mean every time a patron came in and wanted to save an image I would have to go down there and log into admin (which is not likely going to happen). I also told them we have hundreds of patrons that come in on any given month... I am not prepared to keep going back while we build up this database.

      The system was just fine till about a week or so ago when he was there (he has only been our tech a couple of weeks)to work on the printer that is attached to this digital reader. I happen to tell him that we can not use the scanner on the printer (it is a copier/scanner/printer) as it does not allow us to and the previous tech had said it was missing something. We just kept using our old one. He "played" around with it and managed to get the scanner working but since then we have had the problem stated above. He said one has nothing to do with the other but...............

      I am open to ideas on how to fix this??

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