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13474Re: [fhctech] PRF on an external hard drive

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  • mkitchen@juno.com
    Feb 1, 2012
      I put the PRF on an external USB drive in a center on a machine with XP.
      My only problem is that the PRF could not be run on the machine that the USB was attached to. It would work fine on all the other machines in the center. Also, I think microsoft has a built-in limit of serving to 5 other "client" machines (or 10 machines if your "server" has XP Pro.)

      I had much better results in a different center (having more than 25 machines) using a "NAS" --Network Attached Storage. I purchased a Buffalo brand NAS, about .5 Terrabyte storage although you cannot buy them that small nowadays. But I also see (for instance on ebay about $50) a NAS enclosure into which you put the disk of your choice. The NAS unit I used I think has a Linux operating system running server type software. Just attach it to your network (10/100/1000). I don't remember for sure, but during installation, I may have named the unit NAS. I run a startup file in each client machine that has this command:
      subst v: //nas/share/prfviewer

      and install the PRF using drive V:
      There are a lot of other details including the fact that you need a special file which has a password to enable it.
      The PRF networking is not licenced for home use but can be used in a FHC on a network.
      Contact me privately for further help.

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