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13274RE: [fhctech] Lost Internet after Ordinance Tracker update

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  • LDS Skier
    Jan 2, 2011

      Paste a copy of your IPCONFIG /ALL



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      Subject: [fhctech] Lost Internet after Ordinance Tracker update


      Our center has been closed for the holidays, so at Church today we found a note that Ordinance Tracker and Get My Ancestors needed to be updated to the 12/15/2010 version to be able to log on to nFS. I used the Landesk deployment to update the programs. After rebooting, none of the computers that were updated can connect to the Internet. The two that were not updated will connect, so we know it is not a problem with the ISP.


      At a command prompt I cannot ping any web sites such as google.com by name, but can by their IP address. Running ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns have no effect. Also, the updated computers no longer make the network drive connections to the server so there is definately something screwed up in the network. Thse Sophos firewall log does not show anything blocked.


      Any idea what setting(s) the updates may have changed and what the fix is?


      Gary Templeman

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