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13272RE: [fhctech] Re: Inventroy Manager Import File Structure

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  • Arlan Beebe
    Dec 7, 2010
      This is perfect!
      Thank you very much.



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      The following link points to a knowledge document that is available on the new.familysearch.org help center...
      This explains the file format that may be used to import extended film loan data for microfilm/fiche.  The only required field is the GSN or Film/Fiche number.  it must be 7 characters in length ( add leading zeros if needed.  There must be 13 fields on each line separated by a vertical bar character “|”.  There is no field name line.  below is an example of the simplest records that can be entered.  Note that there are 13 fields and thus 12 field separators.
      example records:
      If only the film/fiche number is imported then Inventory Manager (IM) will use some of the FHC information to fill in the other fields.
      When this data is imported from IM into the Online Film Ordering system (OFO) This will help prevent patrons from ordering a film that is already in inventory.  Using just the film number will not allow the patrons to see what films they ordered prior to OFO, however.  More work will be required to update the patron info ( including name, address, email, etc. ) so that the patrons will be able to see a complete list of the films they ordered on OFO.

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