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  • gtempleman1@comcast.net
    May 10, 2010
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      Your answer #4 is the only one that actually is related to the original question. Unfortunatley you didn't answer it either. The question is HOW do you configure the computers to ONLY seek the FHC's SSID? I would like the answer to that also.


      Gary Templeman


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      Just duplicated the original message to be sure I'm addresseing the right issue.  Sure have seen a lot of answers to this problem that may have nothing to do with the problem at all. 
      1) Where did you receive the "message" from?  The PCs in question? A person? How did you get your info on this?
      2) It is a good idea to use the software that comes with the wireless adapter you are using. Microsoft may offer the control you need.
      3) The reason you FHC PC are bypassing the firewall is because you haven't secured your equipment so that will only recognize each other.  By installing an WEP/WPA encryption code on your wireless access point/router, only those units that sync up to that code can connect to it.  And your PCs should be configured to only recognize that encryption code. 
      4) You can also configure your PCs to seek only your FHC's SSID (wireless ID name).
      5) Take a portable PC that will connect to your wireless network and use it as a field strengh meter.  Start at the access point transmitter and walk around until the connection fails or becomes unreliable.  That is the limit of your reception.  If you have any equipment beyond that limit, you have a problem.  You may have to relocate the access point to a better location. 
      Why everyone is so excited about running ether over power lines, I don't understand. Your network should run perfectly well using either ethernet cable or wireless (or a combination).  If distance is an issue.  You may have to run a fiber line.  But I can't imagine an FHC needing it, We are talking about miles between equipment.
      Bottomline; it sounds as though your haven't fully configured your wireless portion of your network.  It some of this is beyond your knowledge level, maybe the Church's Global Services folks can assist.  Good luck


      I received a message that two FHC computers are connecting to the Internet without going through the firewall VPN. I believe this may be because some FHC computers are connecting to unsecured Wifi signals in the neighborhood of the chapel.

      What is the best way to ensure these computers only connect to the LDSAccess Wifi, rather than grabbing any available Wifi signal?

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      I'm pretty sure it's just the Windows wireless that controls the connections. I didn't install the software that came with the Linksys wireless adapter.

      I have noticed a problem with the LDSAccess profile in all the chapels. The computers frequently do not want to make the connection to the LDSAccess profile, even though they know the passcode. This makes it very tempting for clerks and FHC patrons to click an unsecured Wifi in the neighborhood.

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