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  • drepouille
    May 1, 2010
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      I know a few clerk's computers I would like to change to a wired connection, but the FM doesn't like fishing cables.

      In the FHC in question, I could run a long cable around the floorboard, but it doesn't look pretty.

      I just hate that the LDSAccess connection drops out so easily, encouraging users to select an unsecured connection.


      --- In fhctech@yahoogroups.com, "Gary Templeman" <gtempleman1@...> wrote:
      > The simplest way IF it is physically possible is to use a wired connection and disable the wireless card. The way the Church designs meetinghouses I am surprised that anything from outside the building has enough signal strength for a reasonable connection.
      > Gary
      > Gary Templeman
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      > Subject: [fhctech] Unsecure wireless
      > I received a message that two FHC computers are connecting to the Internet without going through the firewall VPN. I believe this may be because some FHC computers are connecting to unsecured Wifi signals in the neighborhood of the chapel.
      > What is the best way to ensure these computers only connect to the LDSAccess Wifi, rather than grabbing any available Wifi signal?
      > Thanks,
      > Dana
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