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12903Create GEDCOM from Excel

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  • rulon44
    Oct 1 7:14 PM
      A patron came in with an Excel pedigree. What a mess to try to follow. I told him about PAF. He wants to put his information in PAF, but he has a mountain of work in Excel. It will be a real job to type it all into PAF or any other program.

      I have been trying to think of a way to port it over into GEDCOM, but cannot come up with an idea. If there were some way to convert it over to ASCII, but then it would have to be in the correct order. (And I have no clue what the order is.)

      Any ideas? He might be able cut and paste the notes, but that is about as far as I can see any way of not having to type from scratch.


      Cerritos CA
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